Buffalo Bill
Into the 30's of the last century Buffalo Bill applied world-wide as the Pesonifizierung of the American west hero. In numerous game west Shows are after-played its hero acts, still more richly at number are reliably the novellas and Comics, which deal with themselves with its Peson. And the city Cody along-created by it and the Buffalo Memorial Association ensure until today for the fact that this does not come into oblivion.
In the age of eight years he comes with his family to away Leavenworth on the bank Missouri of the Rivers into Kansas. As eleven-year old it leaves the school after the death of its father and contributes as riding messenger, falling plate and gold scrubber to the family maintenance. With fourteen it hires on with the legendary Pony express service and makes themselves a name, when after failure of two link riders in 22 hr.through-gallops to three 100 mi-stages. After the civil war he hires more as " pathfinder " at the army and a supply themselves from time to time via 1000 track construction workers with a daily fresh meat ration of 12 buffalos, which brings in the name Buffalo Bill for him.
1872, with a hunt portion prince Alexandes of Russia in Wyoming, he impresses the accompanying journalists with his shooting arts.Its name goes through the entire press and a piece of stage of" Buffalo Bill: King of the Border Men " develops. With the next piece of " The Scouts of the Prairies " it plays its adventures themselves and celebrates for many years.
With its idea of the large game west Shows Bill Cody arrives 1883 also at international fame.Even the aristocracy is inspired, and emperor Wilhelm make happy its officers with lessons in logistics by the large supervisor from America.
With the arising of the cinema began the fall of the expensive Lifeshows. 1913 were auctioneered its circus and 1917 were buried Buffalo Bill on the Lookout Mountain with Denver.
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From the Yellowstone park drive one on the roads #14/#20 crosswise by Wyoming to the Black Hills.One occurs Cody, the capital of the Buffalo Bill cult otherwise lives the city mainly from the Yellowstone tourism. All kinds of touristic outdoor activities become, e.g.life boat travels, offered.
The travel after the east continues to lead across the Bighorn Mountains. Who looks lonely mountain world up, is here exactly correct. Below in nothing the actual North American Kordillere, the Rockies, one finds here perhaps still rather archaic nature, as in the more well-known Rockies. However there is also hardly touristic infrastructure and as well as no service facilities.
The Black Hills is a sea-rich low mountain range in the border area of South-Dakota and Wyoming. Once sanctified country of the Sioux and Cheyenne Indian and them 1868 of the US Government awarded land-ownership, came it 1875 to the breach of contract, when in the black mountains gold was found. The Sioux resisted desperately the intruders and achieved at the Little Bighorn River against the US army under general Custer still another large victory. But the massacres following on it (became Wounded Knee admits 1890) the Sioux decimate finally, so that the few, stragglers of remainders were referred into reservations after Montana and South-Dacota.
Today annually hundredthousands of tourists come mainly around since 1941 the president headings of the usa mt.rushmoreMount Rushmore hit in granite to admire.
The Devils Tower with 270 m visibly rises far away over running out Black the Hills. Many myths climb around its emergence, but it is scientific undisputed that it concerns the rock of an earlier volcanic cone cooled off. Particularly is this basalt block likes with mountain climbers and Rockclimbers.
On the way to Badlands leads past no way rapid city, the eastern income to the Black Hills. Worth seeing here the Sioux Museum. One finds dinosaur bones in geology the museum. Whom not is enough can in the dinosaur park see life-large cement copies of this kind to admire.
Approximately 80 mi from rapid city far away by monotonous landscape and past at poorly Sioux settlements, one comes into the moon landscape that badlands. Here also some scenes to Kevin Costner's ' with the wolf dances ' turned. As Badlands this landscape was not only considered with the first through travelers settlers, already the Indians avoided this desert region. Nevertheless the bizare sandstone formations form their own attraction. Particularly with full moon one should itself the charm of their radiant emittance hang-evenly.
Back in rapid city still another further trip is worthwhile itself to the Custer - and Wind Cave National Park. And who already saw the Monument of the Four Presidents in the formerly sacrosaint Siouxland, makes perhaps still another trip the indian counterpart, for the unfortunately yet not terminated rock monument of usa badlands crazy horseCrazy Horse.
In the Windcave National of the Prairie Dog Town over a cave labyrinth graze to park around the 400 bisons in free game course in neighbourhood. The completely dry stalacits can be visited by an artificial input.

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