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  • Blue Lagoon, The - volcanic hot spring and clinic also offering a line of skin care products.
  • Towards Torfajökull contains almost fifty pictures, and they are uniformly excellent ones. They were taken in August, 1996, during a walking trip by John Sandell, who prefaces his page with these words: "Torfajökull is a small icecap about 10km north of the edge of Myrdalsjökull, at the centre of the southern area of Iceland. Our trek was blessed with several unprecedented days of sunshine, and no rain at all while we were out in the wild ..."
  • Konráð Erlendsson has a page featuring a variety of outdoor activities in Iceland, such as snowmobiling, mountain biking, and hiking. Some excellent landscape photographs are contained in these pages.
  • Ķshellir Lavatube, "most of the caves of Iceland can be found under the surface of lavafields. And as lavafields cover large areas of the Icelandic landscape the number of known lavatubes is enormous." This site describes and illustrates one of the best-known lava caves in Iceland.
  • Ice Climbing Pictures, a collection of more than a dozen thumbnail photographs, some text, and links to full-size pictures.

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